Vatech Malaysia’s Sales & Marketing Retreat 2019

2019 retreat was held in the scenic Enderong.

We commenced and invited our trusted and reliable dealers to the Enderong Resort’s 2019 Vatech’s Malaysia Sales and Marketing Meeting. We hoped that the fresh air and relaxing environment surrounding the Enderong Resort would help to clear our weary minds and relax our tired bodies to leave us refreshed and ready to take on the exciting new program and the future challenges ahead.

Check-in day:

The first thing on our agenda is to welcome all of our attending dealers’ representatives warmly. We have greeted Mr Nelson from the New Dental, Mr Ng & Ms Kelly Tan from the Oceanwealth Horizon and Mr Leow, Ms Chan and Mr Ken from the Galla Dental.

Day 1:

Our training officially begun today. After a good night’s rest with the scenic view of the Enderong Resort and with everyone attending refreshed, we are good and ready to tackle the day’s program. First, we have breakfast together with the delicious local cuisine provided by the Enderong Resort.

After we ate our breakfast, we immediately started our meeting session for the day to discuss our plans together with our dealers. Then, after the meeting session was over, and we reviewed our strategy to our heart’s content, we went back to our room and rested for tomorrow.

Day 2:

The long-awaited second day has come, and we were together in the cafeteria to start our breakfast together. We noticed during the breakfast session that thanks to this retreat, we genuinely have strengthened the bond that holds the Vatech team and our dealers together. We cannot help but express our gratitude to our supportive dealers.

Shortly after breakfast, we reinitiated our meeting session once again. Joseph comes into the front confidently and delivers an insightful and concise presentation on different marketing strategies that our dealer can use to satisfy their customers. We hope that the talk that our comrade Joseph has done is useful for our dealers, as a token of gratitude for the support that they have given us.

After the meeting session that lasts almost a full day comes to an end, we head outside and become one with nature.

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