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We provide innovative products and differentiating services for mutually beneficial growth together with all of our strategic partners. In doing so, we do our part in improving health and lives of the people.

VATECH’s World First History

We provide innovative products and differentiating services for mutually beneficial growth together with all of our strategic partners. In doing so, we do our part in improving health and lives of the people.

VATECH is an international distribution specialized company regarding on medical device. And it expands its market share by pioneering spirit based on the slogan “Dental Pioneer” and segmenting market consistently through insight.

It broaden its horizon based on global networks and has 14 overseas subsidiaries like USA, France, Spain, UK, India, China, Taiwan and so on. With the various lineup from entry-level 2D product to premium 3D CT product, VATECH is targeting not only existing advanced market but also emerging market for customer satisfaction. Moreover, VATECH organized CS team in order to provide rapid service and installation/technical education service.


Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.

Kenneth Sow

Vice President of Vatech Malaysia

Some say Kenneth is a man on a mission. His list of accomplishments is lengthy, and short of being a certified practitioner, Kenneth is almost as well-versed in all aspects of a dentistry business as any other dental professional. 

His knowledge was amassed from over two decades of experience in the dental trade, which provided him with the insights in a wide variety of dental solutions ranging from implants systems and entire clinic set-ups. 

In his current role, Kenneth is responsible for leading Vatech Malaysia’s development and strive for innovation. In 2015 he increased Vatech’s turnover by 70%  and had since maintained Vatech as the undisputed No. 1 leader in the dental imaging industry in Malaysia with over 350 dental centres relying on Vatech solutions. 

Always keen to push boundaries, Kenneth developed Value UP! in 2018. Value UP! focuses on enhancing the non-clinical elements of a dental business, for this age and time, it takes more than merely being a good clinician to build a high-performing, profitable and reputable practice. 

As he believes in the importance of shared learning as a vital tool to running and growing a business, the numerous Vatech’s ValueUP sessions offer practitioners the opportunity to meet others with similar concerns, share experiences and explore the solution to issues. To date, the Value UP! seminars and workshops have been conducted over 50 times in 3-years since its inception.

Outside of the office, he blogs, tinkle with cars and is an ardent manga fan. 

Chua Char Lee

Head of Technical Department of Vatech Malaysia

Char Lee specialises in dental imaging technology that includes (but not limited to) X-ray machines installations, repairs, servicing and radiation protection. Vatech’s clients benefited from his expertise, experience and sound judgment as he competently manages both their hardware and software installations and supports needs. Backed with 20 years of experience in technical operations, set up consultation, repairs and after-sales support for dental imaging systems, you can rest assured that your Vatech machine(s) is in capable hands.

In his free time, Char Lee winds down with a good book. Otherwise, he works off his excess energy cycling, gardening or on the badminton court.


Head of Administration and Finance Department of Vatech Malaysia

A business is profitable and sustainable when the balance sheets are well-balanced with positive cashflow.

Luckily for us, Sujatha has our administrative and finance department running smoothly like her favourite ghee. With her team, Su effectively and efficiently manages all of Vatech’s finance, accounting, administrative and taxation related matters since 2011.

Beyond financial management, she supervises and regulates all human resources (HR) policies and activities in Vatech. While maintaining accurate reporting and regulatory compliance remain core responsibilities, she also helps to connect the dots between budget, profitability and growth on the organisational level. 

Level-headed, compassionate and trustworthy, Su is always prepared to assist with a giving heart. For leisure, Su enjoys a good banana leaf rice, reading and bingeing on cooking shows.

Joseph Yeoh

Head of Sales and Marketing Department of Vatech Malaysia

Joseph’s years at Vatech had afforded him the insights on what drives and sustains a dental practice. He is passionate about dental-centred care and is committed to assisting practitioners in addressing their business challenges.

Savvy in business growth planning, smart practice resources management and backed with insights from diligent market and psychology analysis, practitioners can rely on Joseph to contribute valuable information and solutions for their practices. 

He is instrumental in all marketing and branding initiatives for Vatech Malaysia and is key to Vatech’s numerous marketing initiatives, namely Vatech ValueUP and Vatech Symposium.

Joseph dedicates his free time to psychographic, demographic analysis, business strategies and brand marketing studies while pursuing an MBA. All work and no play would make Joseph a dull person, so he balances his analytical nature with manga marathons and active Instagram stories.

Eugene Yap

Technical Supervisor of Vatech Malaysia

Vatech’s Mr Congeniality, Eugene comes from a background in information technology and science. Brain-wired to systems and processes, he is our dependable Technical Supervisor governing all technical procedures, creating new SOPs, monitoring standards and critical maintenance of all devices powered by electricity in Vatech. If you have a software-related issue, Eugene is the Go-To guy. 


One can expect dependability and openness when working with Eugene. His other key role is to educate and train the dealers and in-house staff for Vatech’s dental imaging systems. Over the years, he had established a reputation as an affable and responsible Vatech personnel. 


His passions lie in food, technology and in expanding his feline harem, currently at half a dozen and growing.

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Vatech Co. Ltd., Vatech Global Merger


Awarded Korea KOSDAQ Grand Prize (KOSDAQ Association)



Selected as a world-class product and production enterprise for 7 consecutive years (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)


Grand Prize in Patent Management awarded by the Ministry of Science and ICT


Awarded the Sharing Happiness Grand Prize by Happy Company Korea


Selected as a World Class Top 300 company by the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT)



Selected as a world-class product and production enterprise for 6 consecutive years (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)


Extension of family-friendly certified company status (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)


Launched smart dental CT PaX-i3D Smart


Launched low dose premium CT PaX-i3D Green Premium

Design Management

Since 2009, VATECH has started to focus on design management and demonstrated the supriority of it. VATECH, as the big winner among dental imaging makers in Korea, has been winning 6 design awards of 4 dental imaging products, PaX-Primo, PaX-Reve3D, PaX-Uni3D, PaX-i. VATECH makes a ceaseless effort to set the trend of the world imaging market, seeking the design focused on customer value.

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